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Turf Reinforcement Mats

Slope Protection, Channel Protection,
Temporary Stabilization and Final Stabilization

A Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) is a long-term, non-degradable rolled excelsior control product that reduces soil erosion and assists in the establishment and growth of vegetation. TRMs, also known as flexible channel liners are manufactured by many companies. They are composed primarily of UV stabilized geosynthetic or geocomposite materials, netting and/or wire mesh, processed into three dimensional reinforcement matrix. TRMs are designed to be permanent and for use in critical hydraulic conditions.

Stitch Bonded TRM

Woven TRM

High Performance TRM

Stitch bonded turf reinforcement mat allows to effectively and reliably strengthen the soil in natural conditions. The material is absolutely safe, so its use is possible in the widest possible range, with almost no limits. This solution belongs to environmentally friendly materials that provide reliable protection against erosion of horizontal, tundra and subsoil surfaces. Between the thin, but sufficiently strong layers, a specially prepared recultivation mix is placed. By a method of careful selection, accurate dosing, and multiple verifications, it was possible to develop a combination of the following components, which are mandatory to be included to compound:

— fertilizers of organic origin,
— special mineral type additives,
— microelements, stimulating the growth of plants,
— the seed fund of herbs and perennial green plants (cultures), selected with regard to territorial growth.

Woven turf reinforcement mat is an advanced technology in landscape design, thanks to which it is possible to fasten and improve quality and fastening of slopes and drainage structures. In the case of greening slopes, when it becomes necessary to combat wind and water erosion, it becomes very beneficial to use biomass. Application area of woven turf mats:

— for the device of lawns, with high qualitative characteristics;
— for the formation of slopes that are resistant to seasonal leaching;
— as an anti-erosion coating for slopes, high embankments, and deep pits;

Installation technology
The biomat is spread in an overlap of 3-5 cm on a previously prepared and humidified land. The turf mats of this group proved most effective when used on relatively flat surfaces. An important advantage of the material is the ability to lay on the soil without the mandatory dusting of the soil surface.

To date, high-performance turf reinforcement mats are often used for the purpose of reclamation, or to fix the soil on various inclined surfaces. Initially, the soil is protected by the base material itself, after which the shoots and roots of the plants start to anchor the slope. First, the preparation of the foundation is required: the stones, rubbish are removed, and the soil is loosened. The smooth surface should get slanted to prevent stagnation of water, or you need to think about the availability of quality drainage. Laying of biomats in the area of slopes is done by rolling from the top down and overlap of five to eight centimeters. In order to avoid a biomats shift from the wind gusts, they are attached by wire: approximately two wire staples per one square meter. In the case of a very steep slope, you can increase the number of staples.

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