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Silt Fence

Sediment Barrier

Silt fence consists of geotextile fabric supported by wire mesh netting or other backing stretched between either wooden or metal posts with the lower edge of the fabric securely embedded 6" in the soil. The fence is typically located downstream of the disturbed areas to intercept runoff in the form of sheet flow.

A silt fence provides both filtration and time for sediment settling by reducing the velocity of the runoff.

Silt fence is an economical means to treat overland,
non-concentrated flows for all types of projects.
Most effective with course to silty soil types.

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Prefabricated Reinforced Wire Back —
Commercial and TXDOT
Roll sizes:
3' x 500'
3' x 1,500'

Custom Fabricated Wood Stake Silt Fence
Roll sizes:
3' x 100'

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