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Sediment Control Products

Groundwater and atmospheric precipitation pose a great threat to structures and the surrounding area. Excess moisture in the soil contributes to the destruction of the base of roads and paths, the consolidation of the upper layers of the soil and, as a result, the destruction of shrubs and trees, as well as the washing and moving of underground layers. Sediment control products were designed in order to avoid these issues.

What Problems Can Be Solved?

For buildings:

  • Under flooding of the foundation, leading to cracking and further destruction.
  • Penetration of dampness into the building.
  • The appearance of fungus on the walls.

For roads:

  • Cracking of the road surface.
  • Destruction of the integrity of the canvas.
  • The formation of puddles, and in winter the icy conditions on the paths.

Solutions That Can Be Used

  • Dewatering bags are used as a reservoir for melting and flowing water;
  • Straw wattles are used for preventing water from spreading over the entire area and concentrate it in one place;
  • Foam triangular silt dike is used to protect roads from flooding;
  • Perimeter control tubes are used as an aqua barrier;
  • Silt fence is applied in order to block a certain area from water ingress
  • Ground protection mats are designed to prevent erosion of soils.


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