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Other Landscape Fabrics

Soil Stabilizer and Weed Barrier

Long-Term 3.5 oz
Superior Landscape Fabric

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Short-Term Burlap
and Jute Mesh

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The Superior Spunbond Landscape Fabric is a long-term solution to erosion control and weed barrier. The landscape fabric is made from 3.5 oz woven polypropylene fibers that allow water to penetrate, yet prevent weed seeds from penetrating into the soil. The ground should be prepared and cleared of all plants and rocks, then nutrients added to the soil before installing the fabric to provide for a healthy base for your plants. The landscape fabric should last approximately 5 years when installed and anchored properly with staples. As me goes by, herbicides may be needed for airborne pollen and seeds that might occasionally germinate in mulch or other top covering.

Helps suppress weed growth
Limits the need for herbicides,
Helps retain moisture in soil,
Helps with erosion control

Available Sizes
3’ x 300’
6’ x 300’
9’ x 300’

Burlap and Jute Mesh are eco-friendly soil stabilizers which are economical short-term fabrics used mainly in the landscape sector. These fabrics retain moisture and heat to help germinate seeds and support young plants as they take root while keeping weed seeds from getting through to the soil and taking hold. Once plants are able to sustain themselves, the fabric naturally decomposes. From a flowerbed covering for plant seedlings and weed control, to root wraps for trees and shrubs, to erosion control for hillside planting support, this light-weight fabric can handle some heavy-weight jobs.

Helps stabilize soil and germinate seeds
Helps suppress weed growth
Eco-friendly short-term fabric
Helps with erosion control on slopes

Available Sizes

Burlap — 3’ x 300’, 4’ x 250’, 4’ x 300’

Jute — 4’ x 225’

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