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Landscape Products

Texas Erosion Supply company has been specifying in delivering quality landscape products for your private or commercial outdoor projects. Our loyal customers include homeowners, contractors, and more looking for the best landscape services designed with your needs in mind.

Our Landscape Products include:

  • Innovative root control fabrics that protect your landscape against root damage;
  • Weed barrier & Landscape fabric that provides a barrier between mulch and soil. This is a great choice for landscape drainage applications.
  • Landscape edging – commercial grade steel landscape edging, which comes in green/black/brown coat finishes.
  • Tree grates that add a decorative grate installed around trees in urban environments.
  • Water-saving fertilizer is intended to improve water penetration into the soil, thus making more water to plant roots even in the cases of reduced water consumption.
  • Natural biodegradable fabric for erosion and landscape applications.
  • Grassy pavers are intended to strengthen the pavement and eliminate soil compaction.

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