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Root Control and Weed Barrier

Biobarrier Root Control System protects your hardscapes and landscapes from damage caused by tree and shrub root intrusion. Guaranteed for 15 years, Biobarrier works invisibly to deflect roots. Its nodules slowly release trifluralin, preventing root tip cell division, which is the method by which roots grow. A small amount of trifluralin is constantly released and as it biodegrades, is continuously replaced, ensuring the effectiveness and long life of the herbicide zone.

Placed on the ground like a landscape fabric and covered with up to two inches of stone, mulch or other cover material, the Biobarrier becomes a Weed Control System protecting your landscape with the slowly released trifluralin from the nodules. This weed control system is guaranteed for 10 years and is proven more effective long-term than any landscape fabric available. Biobarrier will not harm your trees and shrubs, as their root systems are below the trifluralin zone.

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