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Erosion Control Wattles

Perimeter Control, Slope
Protection and Sediment Barrier

Erosion Control Wales are organic filter tubes comprised of an open weave, mesh tube that is filled with a filter material (compost, wood chips, straw, coir, aspen fiber, or a mixture of materials). The tube may be constructed of geosynthec material, plasc or natural materials. Organic filter tubes are also called fiber rolls, wales, mulch socks, and/or coir rolls. Filter tubes detail the flow and capture sediment as linear controls along the contours of a slope or a perimeter control down-slope of a disturbed area.

Click here for Organic Filter Tube BMP

— Effecve means to treat sheet flow over a short distance,
— Relavely easy install,
— May be used on steep slopes
— Can provide perimeter control on paved surfaces or where soil type prevents embedment of other controls

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Slope Application

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Stream Application

Roadway Application

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