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Corrugated Metal Pipe

Stormwater Management and Culvert Pipe

CMP (Corrugated Metal Pipe): Steel and aluminum pipe is available in a variety of corrugations and wall thicknesses in diameters up to 144". Aluminum Alloy has a minimum service life of 75 - 100 years. The core material is specially formulated to resist the effects of corrosion and abrasion. Corrugated steel pipe is available in a number of protective coatings to provide design service life, while aluminum pipe does not require protective coating. These choices allow designers to economically match the best material to the site conditions. Mainly used in stormwater management, culverts, storm sewers, highway and municipal drainage.

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100+ year service life most economical solution for both initial cost and total life cycle cost.
It's GREEN! with as much as 83% recycled content Manufactured in a wide variety of gauges, shapes, configurations, and coatings in diameters from 6" to 12'.

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Joint Performance:
Soil Tight - resists infiltration of soil particles larger than those passing a No. 200 Sieve
Silt Tight - resists infiltration of soil particles equivalent to an apparent opening size (AOS) of 70 Leak Resistant - leakage limited to 200 gal/in-dia/mile/day at a defined pressure head of 0-25ft
Special Design - zero leakage for 10 min at a defined pressure head from 10-25ft in a laboratory setting.

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