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Grassy Pavers

Soil Stabilization and Erosion Control

Grassy Pavers™ provide the strength of pavement with the natural beauty of grass while eliminating soil compaction, reducing reflective heat and allowing for all weather accessibility at a very cost effective price. This eco-friendly product is made from recycled, reinforced high-density polyethylene (HDPE) formed into porous cells which lets water penetrate into the subsoil, while keeping the top soil from compacting or washing away. Grassy Pavers™ is also LEED Point Eligible providing more green space area while helping keep in compliance with stormwater management.

Click here for Grassy Pavers Specs and Installation Instructions

— Eliminates runoff problems
— Easy to install with few materials

— LEED Point Eligible
— Supports over 97,000 lbs per sq foot

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