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Curb Crusader™ SWIPS
Storm Wedge Inlet Protection System

Curb Inlet Protection and Debris Retention

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The patent pending Curb Crusader™ SWIPS (Storm Wedge Inlet Protection System) is configured with two galvanized wire wedge units and a connector unit, each lined with a 3.5 ounce non-woven filter fabric. This forms an adjustable wedge frame to be inserted into the opening of any standard storm drain curb inlet. The Curb Crusader™ has a 8” height that snugly fits into most curb inlet openings and slides out on each side to accommodate multiple widths. The adjustability of the three components allow fast and easy installation, clean out and removal when no longer needed. The Curb Crusader™ is built in-house and therefore completely customizable in height, width and with any specified filter fabric to meet varied job site requirements.

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Benefits: Reduced damage from contractors during development
No sandbag replacement from damage or UV degradation
Reusable frame design, just replace filtration media

Pricing starts at $85.00 list.
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