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Anchor Reinforced Vegetated Systems (ARVS)

Full Package Solutions for Erosion Control and Slope Stabilization

Anchor Reinforced Vegetated Systems (ARVS) gain stability by pairing key engineering principles with specifically designed products, utilizing natural properties of on-site materials. Two companies joined in an exclusive partnership to offer you the highest performance options for ARVS stability. Gripple's Terra-Lock@ system, complemented by Western's permanent high performance turf reinforcement mats (HPTRMs) delivers a comprehensive solution optimized for site-specific challenges.

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1 —HPTRMs: The soft-armoring permanent erosion control product conforms to the earth's surface and allows composites to form between materials. This soil-product composite stabilizes the surface. The open 3D structure allows for rapid vegetation growth, with the roots forming a complex matrix with the erosion control product. The product's strength allows high loads to be transferred from anchor to anchor.

2 —Terra-Lock@ Top Plate: The top plate uses 'grip & pull' technology allowing tension to be applied to the cable tendon. This tension creates a truncated cone of consolidated soil between the HPTRM and the Anchor which determines the load bearing capacity of the system.

3 —Terra-Lock@ Anchor: The innovative install and 'flip' of the anchor means it reaches beyond failure planes and accesses the soil's engineering properties with minimal disturbance.

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