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Erosion Control Products

The problem of soil erosion is one of the most urgent problems of our time. The intensity of erosion processes and their spread to large areas lead to significant degradation of soils, cause losses in agriculture and, in general, jeopardize the safe development of mankind. Fortunately, this problem can be prevented with the help of a number of erosion control products, and TES is a dedicated supplier of the most advanced ones in the industry. Our range of ECP includes everything you may need for landscaping, construction, etc.

3 Main Types of Erosion Control Products

  • Erosion control blankets. This is a canvas of vegetable fibers (straw, coconut fiber or a mixture of them), reinforced with polypropylene or jute thread. The main field of application is to protect the surface from erosion and restore the vegetation cover.
  • Erosion control mats. It is a material based on natural fiber, which creates a uniform mulching layer and provides effective protection of seeds and soil from erosion when exposed to the environment.
  • Anchor Reinforced Vegetated Systems (ARVS). It gains stability by pairing key engineering principles with specifically designed products, utilizing natural properties of on-site materials.

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If you are looking for a company that will be able to help you with the choice of erosion control products, you are at the right place. Texas Erosion Supply has a wide experience and expertise in erosion control so you will be able to get competent help and choose the best products for yourself.

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