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Erosion Control Blankets

Perimeter Control, Slope Protection, Sediment Barrier,
Channel Protection, Temporary Stabilization and Final Stabilization

An erosion control blanket (ECB) is a temporary degradable, rolled erosion control product that reduces soil erosion and assists in the establishment and growth of vegetation. ECBs also known as soil retention blankets, are manufactured by many companies and are composed primarily of processed, natural organic materials that are woven, glued, or structurally bound together with natural fiber netting or mesh on one or both sides.

Short-Term Straw

Short-Term Curlex CL Blankets

Long-Term Coconut

Straw erosion control blanket is characterized by the greatest filtration of the surface layer of the soil, it rapidly decomposes and is suitable for slopes with poorly expressed erosion. Between layers of a blanket, a special recultivation mix is made, consisting of seeds of various perennial plants, fertilizers, growth stimulants, bacteria for soil formation, and components that promote moisture retention. Recultivation mixture is selected based on the region in which the blanket will be laid, necessarily take into account the climatic, hydrological, soil conditions of the terrain.

Single Net Straw SR-1

Double Net Straw SS-2

A cost-effective, lighter version of standard Curlex, CL provides performance and vegetation establishment benefits superior to straight-lined fiber blankets such as straw. A variety of netting options are available depending on your project requirements. Available in natural Aspen or QuickGRASS® for a green finished look.

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Coconut erosion control blanket is a cloth made of coconut fibers interwoven with each other and reinforced with a jute thread. The blanket from coconut is oriented to the conditions of a large surface runoff and considerable erosion. It decomposes slowly and therefore creates a long-term protection of the slopes from wind, rain, and fluctuations in ambient temperature. Decomposing, the canvas creates a beneficial nutrient medium for the growth of natural grass cover and intensive development of the root system, which aer decomposition of the mat will serve as a natural anti-erosion protection.

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Benefits: Holds seed and soil in place until vegetation is established. Effective for slopes, embankments and small channels.

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