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Buying a plot of land, we immediately start planning how to improve it. Someone is looking forward to the scale of the coming transformations, and someone is terrified by the size of the forthcoming investments. And if the land is on the slope or near ravines, the task becomes more complicated. Gabions are called upon to solve this and many other problems.

How Gabion Looks Like

Gabions are large constructions of welded steel mesh, which are filled with either large pebbles or other types of stone.

Where Gabions Are Used

Currently, gabions are widely used in urban, landscape architecture and design, both for their intended purpose and as elements of fences, the design of stone facades of buildings and structures. They are also used in the design of interiors and homesteads.

Very often gabions are used to strengthen the support of bridges, pipelines, reservoirs. Also, gabion constructions are used to protect against avalanches, rock falls, landslides in mountainous areas. Gabions perform a protective function while having an aesthetic appearance and organically fitting into any project.

Benefits to Consider

Before buying gabions, you need to justify the correctness of your decision and identify their advantages. We will help with this. Here is a list of ten undeniable advantages of the solution.

  • Environmentally friendly materials;
  • The durability of the structure;
  • Structural plasticity;
  • Optimal logistics;
  • Ease of assembly;
  • Affordable price;
  • High quality and reliability;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • Novelty;
  • Aesthetics;

Main Types to Choose From


If you have a necessity to use gabion solutions, feel free to contact Texas Erosion Supply to get qualified help and best price!

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