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Turf Establishment

Hydraulic Mulch

Profile Products Hydrospray Cellulose Fiber and Wood Blend Mulch with tackifier.
Profile Products Hydrosprary Wood Fiber Mulch with tackifier.


Texas Erosion Supply offers seed for erosion control applications. We offer custom blending for grass mixtures to meet requirements for rural, urban and TXDOT projects.

Grass Seed Planting Rates for Erosion Control



Common Name

Pure Live Seed Rate (lbs/Acre)

Sep 1-Nov 30 Tall Fescue
Red Winter Wheat
May 1 – Aug 31 Millet 30-35
Feb 15-May 31
Sep 1- Dec 31
Annual Winter Rye Pure Live Seed Rate (lbs/Acre)
Apr -July Bermudagrass Pasture Seed Rates
10-15 Unhulled
5-10 Hulled
15 Hulled/Coated
Lawn Planting Rate
2-3 lbs per 1000/sft coated
1-2 lbs per 1000sft uncoated


Seeding Rate Calculator

What You Need

From the current seed tag listbelow you will need:

  • % of pure live seed (PLS)
  • Germination rate
  • Desired seeding rate-see chart to the left. Converted to lbs per 1,000 sft.
  • Total of area you need to seed
  • Size of your bag of seed -default = 1lb
  • Your current cost per lb

Enter the information into the calculator to get your % of live seed per lb and how many pounds of seed required based on the PLS per lb and an adjusted cost per lb and how many lbs of seed you need to purchase.



What the Numbers Mean

Granular fertilizer is made by blending ammonium sulfate (Nitrogen N), phosphate (P) and potash (K). Nitrogen is good for green foliage, phosphate for strong roots and potash for healthy growth. Recommended rate of 1 lb of (N) Nitrogen per 1,000 sft application rate.

Fertilizer Rate Calculator

What you need

  • Total square feet of are to be fertilzed
  • What rate of Nitrogen to apply (for grass seeds a rate of 1 lb per 1,000 sft)
  • The first number in the formula from the bag of fertilizer you are using, EX 15-5-10. Use the nitrogen rate of 15.

You will be able to calculate the pounds of fertilizer per thousand square feet and get your total pound for the job.